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The International Police Association is a friendship organization for members of the police force, whether in employment or retired, and without distinction as to rank, position, gender, race, language, or religion. We have around 360,000 members in nearly 100 countries, of which 65 are affiliated National Sections, and we are represented on 5 continents.

Our motto is ‘Servo per Amikeco’ – Service Through Friendship’

Subscriptions are $44.00 annually, payable on the 1st of January each year.
Click <<Here>> for the registration form or in the dropdown menu of “JOIN IPA” click on the “REGISTER” link. You can also click on the “Members Area” link in the menu and choose the “Signup” option. Fill out the form and submit it to us. Once we have received your application we will send you an invoice using our accounting platform, Xero, as well as an activation link for your account.

This will have all the information you need to make a payment, you can even pay it via credit card!

Each year you will receive an invoice from us making it easy to pay your subscription.

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